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Contemporary Articles

This collection of articles includes contemporary works created by myself and by like-minded individuals who write on topics related to Osteopathy. It is my hope that I can offer a collection of writings that will help interested readers understand Osteopathic philosophy from a different perspective. There are many individuals within the Osteopathic profession who write eloquently on the many diverse topics associated with Osteopathy. There are also authors who write on different topics, but their subject matter overlaps with the basic tenets of Osteopathy.

Over the years this section of my website will grow to include a wonderful interrelated collection of articles that will help all of us realize how we are linked in an international fellowship of Osteopaths.

Click on the links below to read the PDFs.

Osteopathy Undivided
by Steve Paulus, DO, MS

Experiencing Osteopathy Through Continuum Movement
by Bonnie Gintis, DO