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My primary goal in creating this website is to allow the original teachings of A.T. Still, and his direct students, to become easily accessible to everyone. I also want to offer the international Osteopathic profession a resource center for exploring the philosophy of Osteopathy.

This portal offers an extensive library of rare out of print books available in a PDF format in the Osteopathic Public Library. It makes available the standard Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology as well as the Inclusive Osteopathic Dictionary (which defines international and colloquial terms utilized by myself and other DOs).

The Analects of A. T. Still contains important quotes from the founder of Osteopathy organized into categories while the Life Chronology of A. T. Still offers a concise history of the life events that shaped the discovery and development of Osteopathy.

In the Classic Articles section I have included key elements of Osteopathic literature relating to our philosophy as recorded by the early Osteopathic pioneers who were the direct students of A. T. Still. Also included are Contemporary Articles written specifically for this website or transferred from my previous website www.interlinea.org.

I hope that the Osteopathic Resource Center helps every DO to realize the vital importance that Osteopathic philosophy plays in appreciating the work of A. T. Still. Osteopathy is first and foremost an applied clinical philosophy. It is my goal to help everyone remember that Osteopathy is not a set of manual medicine techniques but a collection of interconnected guiding principles based upon a philosophy.

Finally, I believe that in order to truly grasp Osteopathic philosophy one must study our history. As DOs, we cannot know where we are going as a profession until we remember where we have been.

May your journey to understand the essence of Osteopathy be as important as what you eventually discover.